Naturally, lots of folks are upset about the prospect of losing one of San Francisco's most historic drinking establishments, Gold Dust Lounge, since the news of its impending eviction broke last Friday. In true San Francisco fashion, the effort to keep the Gold Dust's doors open is well underway. The Bovis family has started a Facebook page, which has gained 250 fans in 24 hours, a Twitter feed, and a website — send them your Gold Dust photos.

As Inside Scoop reports, a lawyer has been hired to help fight the bar's lease cancellation, noting, "as the family points out, the bar is older than the Golden Gate Bridge."

Gold Dust fans are encouraged to head over to the Facebook page and share their favorite Gold Dust stories. Feel free to share them in the comments as well! We need to keep this place alive, yes? Yes. Yes, we do.

Update: The Save Gold Dust Lounge website now has a petition up, and it's been revealed that the Limited is moving into the space. Feel free to contact them and let them know how you feel about this.

Update II: After contacting The Limited, Marci Milito (Director, Public Relations & Events) explained to SFist, "At this time, The Limited has no current plans to open a store at Union Square in San Francisco."