Having someone make off with your telephone while playing Angry Birds on the commute home is still a major problem around town, apparently. So today's handy reminder to keep your phone stashed safely in your pocket, especially while seated next to exit doors, comes directly from the SFPD's Mission Station who pulled the following footage of a snatch-and-grab job off of a J-Church train:

After a minute and a half of milling about, all it takes is a split second before all your high scores, emails, and illicit text messages go flying out the back doors. Be advised, folks! And if you see the pictured culprits, be sure to give Sgt. Gilmore at Mission Station a ring at 415-558-5400 — these suspects are wanted for their possible connection to a string of other J-Church thefts.

Meanwhile, the Mission Rapist also remains at large. Nevermind, they got him! Solid police work, SFPD.

[Mission Station]