Things haven't gotten any better up in the Sierras after the complete lack of snow made national headlines last week. The high temperature for Squaw Valley was expected to hit 65 degrees today — not a good sign for a mountain where the latest snowfall was a light dusting three weeks ago.

Even the locals are hearing rumors that Squaw, a mega-resort with deep enough pockets to keep the snowblowers going for all the suckers and bunny slopers, might have to close until the next big storm. Squaw's meteorologists sound hopeful for a storm to come through soon, but with the ten-day forecast looking more like June than January it won't take long for their already meager 12-inch base to melt off.

Things aren't looking any better in South Lake either — Heavenly and Kirkwood are both posting zero snowfall for at least the past week, if not longer. In the meantime, enterprising townies and bored ski bums have already found other winter-esque sports to pass the time.