After a booze-infused altercation between two tipsy men at the Geary Boulevard Jack in the Box resulted in an intentional hit-run at a gas station, angry residents started a petition to stop the fast food joint's late-night party. As of now, the Ultimate Cheeseburger hawker waits to reclaim their 24-hours status—something far too rare in San Francisco these days. But the fast food joint in question draws an unsavory crowd, usually from neighboring bars, looking for a quick high fructose corn syrup fix.

As Richmond SF reports, "Since the incident, it was revealed that the Jack in the Box was staying open 24 hours a day, despite not having the required city permits to do so. As a result, they were forced to cut their hours and close at 2am every night." Now they want the Entertainment Commission to reinstate the permit, which "would enable them to stay open between 2am and 6am every night."

And residents are none too thrilled. Rightfully so. What reason are petition signers giving to nix Jack in the Hole's 24-hour status? Let's see:

>> "This business is a magnet for vagrants and drunks. I work a block away and see on a daily basis. It would be great to be rid of JOB during the day as well." --Rita O'Hara

>> "I have lived in the Richmond district since 1979. In 1979, I had a friend who lived just up the street from Jack in the Box on 11th Avenue, and even then I heard constantly from him (and he was 22! ) was about what an nuisance it was for the neighborhood late at night, the noise, the litter, the drunks. That was well over THIRTY years ago." --Susan Frey

>> "too much violence and the owner did not have the proper permits to operate, he was asked to have a guard and refused" -Deborah Walker

>> "Even though I don't live in the Richmond, I have many friends and colleagues who have suffered these annoying and dangerous thugs. I support their effort to create a safer, cleaner and more prosperous commercial district." --Patricia Christensen

Sounds reasonable. (However, these people obviously never had a late-night craving for their nasty two tacos for a dollar deal. They're heavenly, fried, and each taco boasts a slice of 'Merican Cheese.) The ghoulish hit-run occurred on Thanksgiving Day when Eduardo Esquivel allegedly got into a physical altercation with Albert Bartal at the Jack in the Sack on 11th Avenue and Geary. After the two were separated, Bartal then left the restaurant, but Esquivel decided to get into his SUV, follow Albert to a nearby gas station, and then plow his vehicle into the victim. Bartal remains hospitalized.

Jack in the Crack's permit hearing will go down on January 10th when the Entertainment Commission meets at 6:30 p.m. in room 400 at City Hall. As of now, the online petition, which can be found here, only has 105 out of a needed 1,000 signatures.