The city of Oakland has revoked a permit that had allowed Occupy Oakland to erect its symbolic teepee daily on Frank Ogawa Plaza — which protesters still insist on calling "Oscar Grant Plaza." The permit required that the teepee be removed every night at 10 p.m. and that there be no food preparation in or near the teepee, and officials say these rules were repeatedly broken. After a bonfire on the plaza, a feet away from the teepee, had to be extinguished early this morning, the city has had enough.

The teepee was erected in late November as a sort of compromise protest after Occupy encampments were repeatedly removed from the plaza. At the time protesters said the structure was meant to honor Sioux Indians, homeless workers and AIDS activists.

The removal of the teepee follows on 13 arrests of Occupy protesters on December 30, and after a sweep of a newly erected Occupy Oakland encampment in West Oakland on December 29. As far as we know, those tree-sitters in Frank Ogawa Plaza remain.

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