As is our monthly tradition around here, we now present our favorite utterances from the January issue of San Francisco's "most exclusive news magazine". Provided (mostly) without commentary and in no particular order. This month's themes: "Happy New Year" and also "Weren't we fabulous in 2011?". Observe:

  • "Cheer loudly for our January list of notables—(noted, of course, for the number of times they were mentioned in the Nob Hill Gazette in 2011). You’re not on the “A” list? Suggestion: go out more, flutter around the photographers—and look terrific." - Publisher Lois Lehrman's Letter to her readers.

  • "Several San Franciscans who were queried told us that they 'don’t do resolutions,' including Vanessa Getty." - Susan Moldaw's namedroppy roundup of the New Year's Resolutions of notable San Franciscans.

  • "Nob Hill. It’s the place where the 'nabobs' used to live, where the castles of the rich overlooked the city. Today, even without the old pre-earthquake turreted mansions, Nob Hill remains an affluent neighborhood." - Pamela Troy's piece, "Nob Hill Rebirth?"

  • "This Dragon year [2012], expect extremes in stock markets, fluctuations of prices, and general chaos in all things financial. In Dragon year, it will be Europe’s turn to crash. And it all won’t be over until Sheep year 2015!" - Susan Levitt's unimpeachable financial advice from the Chinese Zodiac for ">her Horoscope 2012 column.

  • "I have always enjoyed the NHG. I have never written a letter like this before, but I became infuriated (stupidly) over Gerald Nachman’s article in the most recent issue. His column degrading American Kobe beef was idiotic." - Letter from a loyal reader, regarding Gerald Nachman's priceless December food column.

  • “We’re known for our sweaters, hand-knit by Peruvian ladies. It’s like wearing art on your back. People stop you on the street and ask you about what you’re wearing." - Brenda Burns, manager of Peruvian Connection on Fillmore, quoted in Pamela Troy's New Kids on the Block Neighborhood Retail report.

  • "Among the SUVs I’ve recently driven: the latest Range Rover, elegant and able at $88,000; the diesel Mercedes Benz ML, very fine quality, and good economy at $60,000; the Infiniti FX, sportiest and, to me, the best drive of the three at only $52,000. But the real surprise was a $23,000 Nissan Rogue, plain but tasteful, and a very good drive. It’ll get you everything except the top spot at valet parking!" - Martin Swig's report on the 2012 New Car Scene.

  • "Arguably, a spa can be a nearly instantaneous cure for post-holiday exhaustion, an elixir to soothe dizzying fast-track lifestyles—or even a kind of marinade, sure to tenderize life’s tough patches." - Jenny Lenore Resenbaum's meaty Luxurious Pursuits roundup of notable spas.

  • "At a $2,897,000 list price, [2414 Webster Street] was already the lowest priced house in Pacific Heights. While everyone else is distracted by the 49ers’ Super Bowl ambitions, you could be out looking for those bargains!" - David Parry's report on local real estate bargains.

  • "If you are already a California pinotphile, you know what an excellent pinot noir tastes like—seductive, smooth, elegant, and all the other romantic adjectives attached to this noble varietal." - Ed Schwartz' Wine Wisdom on California Pinot Noirs.

Bonus feature: Next month, Mrs. Lehrman promises the Gazette will also feature a "NHG-style crossword puzzle", so sharpen those pencils, you fabulous word sleuths!