And just like that, a smattering of Occupy Oakland protesters have returned to Frank Ogawa. But this time they've taken to the trees. OakFoSho has recorded footage he shot live at the scene during the early morning tree climb. Prior to this morning's stuny tree-sitters resided in the trees at the plaza for about a month. However, according to Oakland Tribune, "Police said the structure was deemed to be illegal lodging and that human waste had been found under the tree."

The tree-sitters still remain up high. No word yet when the fuzz will try taking them down.

On Wednesday, if you recall, police evicted Occupy Oakland protesters from a new encampment on the 2000 block of Peralta Street near Mandela Parkway. Occupy protester also plan to meet at the Fruitvale BART station (where Grant was accidentally shot dead by BART police officer Johannes Mehserle) on January 1st for a spirited rally.

Below: footage from this morning's tree scaling from OakFoSho.