Five busloads of Bay Area high school students bound for a ski trip in Utah were busted by cops in Elko, Nevada for a truly impressive drug stash that looks to amount to pounds and pounds of kind bud, pills, and whatever else. Some narcs concerned citizens at the Maverick Country Store in Elko spotted the young city slickers allegedly toking outside the buses during a pee break, and they called in the authorities ... because it's Nevada.

Now, the cops demanded that all students with "contraband" hand it over and they wouldn't face any charges (they didn't have the time or patience to match all the many drugs they found with the kids they belonged to). Parents and trip organizers felt this police response was irresponsible and not stern enough (whatever! can any sane person honestly believe that when you put a few hundred teenagers together for a ski trip that there's not going to be a ton of weed?). But the kids were intimidated enough to comply, and now the Elko PD has a shit ton of marijuana, pints of Jack Daniels, and a few dozen bongs on their hands.

The trip was organized by a company called SWAT (Summer Winter Action Tours), and these five buses were among 32 headed to Utah, where some 1800 teenagers are going to drink Popov vodka, lose their virginity, get hella stoned, black out, and have their first orgies this weekend. The career-destroying photos should start appearing on Facebook in, oh, six hours or so.

The CEO of SWAT got all up-in-arms about the drug bust, and tour organizers ended up interviewing all the teens on arrival and sending seventeen of them home. Boo! Now those poor Bay Area teens are going to be at the mercy of kids from places with far inferior marijuana resources to get high.

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