Rounding out the year in deplorable teen news, KRON4 reports that three underagers were busted for mugging a 36-year-old man while he took a leak in a North Beach alleyway. The victim, who had been talking to the three suspects before he felt the urge to relieve himself, ducked in to an alley near Fresno Street and Romolo Place where the teens jumped him while he stood there, back turned with his equipment out.

A bladder full of pee is not the only thing the victim was relieved of — the three teens also stole the man's tablet computer. The victim, who we assume was not handed any public urination citations out of pity, eventually flagged down a cop who helped him track down 19-year old Barry Guen of Oakland, 19-year old Arlene George from San Pablo, and 18-year old Rashaun Jones from San Francisco. Barry will likely be charged with robbery and Arlene George will get a possession of stolen property charge since she was found holding the tablet computer. Rashaun Jones, meanwhile, is looking at a marijuana violation — which might explain why our victim was talking to a bunch of teenagers in an alleyway in the first place.