SFist's Editorial Team, (Bottom to top [Ed note: yeah, I know]: Brock Keeling, Andrew Dalton, Jay Barmann and Leanne Maxwell) would like to take this moment to wish you, dear readers, the very best for your various holidays this season with this lovely trio of Holiday cards created by our very own SFist Leanne Maxwell. Did you guys know we were secretly flag-waving Tea Partiers all along? Shocking, we know. Your humble associate editor still isn't quite sure how he ended up the meat in a Brock-Jay sandwich, but the holidays are nothing if not awkward.

Offering a glimpse in to 2012, here's promo shot from our upcoming sitcom in which Brock plays a Detective with OCD. All of the murders on the show will somehow involve illegal foie gras:


And finally, don't hold your breath for our collaboration with Lou Reed, but we're definitely going to need some group therapy after this one:


While we're at it, let's not forget last year's laser-blasted Holiday greeting.

Happy Holidays, everybody!