In the latest and hopefully last bits of finger pointing surrounding Monday's nationally embarrassing Candlestick Park power outages, Mayor Lee and PG&E CEO Anthony Earley have resolved the causes of both incidents. As it turns out, everybody gets to share the blame for leaving all those football fans in the dark.

First up, Earley official closed the books on the first outage that occurred just before kickoff. In a letter to the team yesterday, Earley owned up to his company's power line failure, explaining that a splice connection between two overhead lines failed and one of the lines fell to the ground. As we mentioned earlier this week, that fallen line caused the big spark seen on ESPN's footage. The "exploding transformer" bit was just something PG&E came up with on the spot.

The backup power feed kicked in just fine, but the darkness continued because, as our own Daisy Barringer pointed out, those stadium lights take a while to warm up. PG&E has since replaced six other similar, possibly faulty connections in the area and they apparently have a fancy lab down in San Ramon where they're taking a look at the failed splice to see what went wrong.

Regarding the second outage, Mayor Lee's city investigation prompted him to write his own letter to Jed York and Co., admitting it was caused by another malfunctioning switch on the backup power system in the stadium. Or, in other words: maybe the team should have sued for that $60 million maintenance claim at the beginning of this year. And yet, Mayor Lee still demanded a letter from the utility company as well as city agencies, assuring that this whole snafu won't happen again.

Anyway, remember this whole thing was no big deal. Only one customer was affected, after all:

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