You and the rest of the planet are tired of reading Occupy headlines, but you might like to know that the SFPD arrested yet another person, under the Sit/Lie law, for plopping himself in front of the Federal Reserve yesterday. Also, the Oakland City Council is not going to take another Port shutdown sitting down, so to speak.

At their meeting tonight, the Oakland councilmembers will weigh a resolution to allow police to use "whatever lawful tools we have ... to prevent future shutdowns or disruptions." A couple of anti-Occupy councilmembers feel Mayor Quan hasn't been unilateral enough in her dealings with protesters, and they feel the risks of further police clashes with protesters outweigh the potential loss of revenue from a future Port shutdown — last week's action was said to have cost the waterfront $4 million, but it's unclear how that was calculated. Still, they don't want the tear gas to come out, and they want the police to be more strategic in order to avoid future violence — good luck with that!

Quan, meanwhile, is taking it from all sides, with Occupy supporters obviously still sore at her after the mess of the last couple months. She even disabled her Facebook page, which had become a bulletin board for haters in recent weeks. The Oakland City Attorney has just determined that it's perfectly fine for two separate signature campaigns to move forward to recall Quan, though only the first one to reach 19,811 signatures will be considered the valid petition.

Update: The Oakland City Council failed to pass the resolution at their meeting Tuesday night, and several Occupy protesters spoke at the meeting saying that it was an invitation to police brutality. [CBS]

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