Since the Giants were pretty disappointing on the field this year, why not get that sunken Giants fan in your life a little something to remind them why they were so smitten with this lovable band of misfits in the first place? Even the darkest, rainiest January days will seem brighter when your DVD collection includes an entire season of Barry Zito doing yoga. Or Barry Zito with a mustache. Or Barry Zito talking about his pink underwear. Or Barry Zito talking about interior decorating. Or Barry Zito talking about anything, really.

A meager 35 bucks buys your constantly tortured Giants fan about five hours of Brian Wilson showing the Kardashians how reality TV should be done. That's five hours of TV that would have otherwise cost a couple hundred in premium cable subscription fees.

Showtime's website promises to deliver the boxed set, officially released on December 21st, in time for Christmas. And those who do all their Christmas shopping on Amazon can save a couple bucks over there, but frugal fans with the patience of a sidelined Buster Posey probably know they can sit out for a month or so until it inevitably ends up on Netflix Instant.