If you're like us (and we bet you are) you've got umpteen million friends instagram-ing and otherwise digitally enhancing their lazy photographic masterpieces. Camera phones are great for tweeting pictures of that cute thing your cat did, of course, but for the amateur iPhotographer in your life that is secretly itching to get their hands dirty with a roll of film and a hard shutter button, why not buy them what they really want: an actual camera with some film in it.

diana_camera.jpg Lomography, the company known for bringing back the cult cameras your cool dad used to shoot hot beach pics of your mom with, recently opened a Gallery Store near Union Square at Sutter and Grant, which is as good a place as any to find something for the budding film snob in your life. A classic Diana camera, like the one on the left, will run you a mere 50 bucks before film and accessories. And that's a bargain compared to the sheer joy you will experience when your friend, the rehabbed hipstamatic fiend, invites you to their show opening at some Valencia Street gallery.

Added bonus: In addition to regular free workshops, the exposure geeks and film nerds gather monthly at the Lomography store to drink free beer and talk about cameras. It's like the gift that keeps on giving.

Extra rolls of film make excellent stocking stuffers, by the way, especially since it'll take a few to get a feel for a camera that is infinitely less forgiving than one's telephone. Other analogue-friendly spots to check out around town: Photobooth on Valencia Street for even more antiquated photography techniques, and the ever-present Adolf Gasser Photography on 2nd Street in SoMa stocks camera equipment of all kinds.