In food and mammary news, the Hooters in Fishermen's Wharf will close its doors for good this month. They're slated to put away the boobage on December 21, the store manager explained to SFist. For a taste as to what Hooters has/had to offer, local writer Beth Spotswood visited the chain restaurant earlier this year. In part, she writes: "What I don’t understand is why you’d ever want to go to Hooters in the first place. Are boobs really that much of a novelty for the patrons of Hooters? Is proximity to hot chicks and gross food that much of a rarity? The sweet girls working there, lovely as they are, walk around in an incredibly unappealing uniform, like a sexed up version of the Hot Dog on a Stick ensemble. Of all the places on Fisherman’s Wharf to dine, why would anyone go to Hooters?"

She'll tell you why.

For those of you crestfallen over Hooters' San Francisco demise, fear not! A Penthouse Club set to open in 2012 will provide us with all the breasts and steak money can buy.

If you must, you have a little less than two weeks to experience Hooters SF. Hooters: 353 Jefferson Street at the Wharf.