In the ongoing Depression Era-esque epidemic of stolen metal, at least one copper thief has been brought down. After nearly running over a suspect with a train last week, BART announced yesterday that they had tracked down their guy, one Dennis McGuire of Noe Valley, to his home on 24th Street. After serving him with a search warrant BART cops turned up lengths of copper cable they believe was stolen from the agency along with a copper thievery kit consisting of a machete, large bolt-cutters, a tree pruner, gloves and a small amount of illegal drugs.

No big surprise here, but McGuire has a prior history of stealing wiring. According to the Chronicle, he and another man were arrested back in August when a Muni driver caught them taking copper from a vault in Sea Cliff. McGuire and his accomplice were charged with burglary, grand theft, vandalism and receiving stolen property for that one.

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