What's this? Another declaration of a looming 'it' food on the horizon? Count us in like Flynn. We love to eat what's white-hot (and, at times, what's hot and white), so we're tickled—tickled!—that the next overpriced food thingamajig to clutter up our social media, favorite food sites, and arteries will be... fried chicken. Roots drummer Questlove proclaimed so during a recent interview with Ad Week, saying:

Food trucks are the new black. And I'm trying to prove that fried chicken is the new cupcakes.

We assume he's talking about the dark meat, by the way —cripsed legs, wings, and thighs. White meat is reserved for those who have failed at the game of life. Anyway, Questlove's declaration was a sneaky one. It's all part of his locally sourced buttermilk fried chicken catering startup, Quest Love Food.

And while the next food craze has yet to emerge—Grub Street points out that (disgusting) pie failed to take hold the way many had foolishly hoped—we here at SFist have put our money on these two beauties: Eggs in aspic or artisan deconstructions of Rotel Cheese.

You're welcome.