The man who allegedly and intentionally mowed down a former Marine and Cal Fire firefighter was arrested on Wednesday morning. The suspect's name is Eduardo Shaparo Esquivel, 22, and he hails from South San Francisco. If you recall, Esquivel got into a physical altercation with Albert Bartal, 29, at a Jack in the Box at 11th Avenue and Geary Boulevard on Thanksgiving.

Both lads were separated. Bartal then left the restaurant, but Esquivel, still furious over the fight, climbed into his mind-numbingly tacky black Mazda CX-type SUV, followed the victim to the gas station, and then plowed his SUV into the Bartal.

Bartal is in the hospital suffering from life-threatening injuries.

According to SF Appeal, who broke the story, "Esquievel is currently held on felony charges for mayhem, attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and assault with great bodily injury."