In light of today's news that all Northern California Café Gratitude restaurants will close or be sold, owner Terces Engelhart made plea to supporters today. She asked fans and, ahem, followers interested in helping the company to either purchase retail items, or sign up for Landmark Forum-tinged workshops.

In part of a Facebook post, Engelhart writes:

You can always contribute to the Grateful Bowl program. We are still serving over 8000 bowls a month to many people in need of a good meal and a kind word.

The holidays are coming and many of our retail items are wonderful holiday presents. Our Abounding River board game is a meaningful gift for family and friends, and it is the beginning of the Gratitude Movement. We promise if you play this game you will have conversations with the people you care about that bring you closer to one another and deepen your relationship. It is a wonderful way to keep alive in our community the work we have done together.

If you have participated in any of our workshops, please take what you learned, that had value to you, and give it away!


Engelhart goes on to say that Gratitude locales in NorCal "will be open for at least a few months depending on the sales of our locations." Also, as Grub Street points out, "There's bound to be more bad press stemming from all this, if not more lawsuits."

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