After police turned away a truck driver delivering Porta-Potties to Frank H. Ogawa Plaza on Thursday, Occupy Oakland members and OPD erupt into a heated (albeit brief) scuffle. Police said that the truck driver didn't have proper permits to deliver the portable toilets, but Occupy members needed to pee. The result? Shouting, pushing, and a police officer "attacking" a protester and "dragging him to ground and arresting him."

Occupy Oakland sent out the following Twitter message after the brouhaha: "Video of OPD tackling ppl today over a couple of Port-a-potties. Seriously."

See for yourself:

According to the Oakland Tribune, one person was arrested. The toilets, sadly, never made it to the encampment.

In lighter news, Occupy Oakland members did get to enjoy a free turkey dinner prior to the potty drama.