Noted chef David Kinch scored GQ's annual Chef of the Year award this year. "In a world of Molto food empires and spiky-haired TV hosts," GQ scribe Charles Bowden writes, "David Kinch is an anomaly." Why? Well for starters, he's a cook who cooks in his kitchen "in a single restaurant and a single garden, quietly inventing a new kind of cooking and dazzling anyone lucky enough to sit at his table." But did you also know that Kinch is a) Wynton Marsalis' best friend and b) a bad motherfucker?


Kinch has a reputation as a genius. That's what his best friend, Wynton Marsalis, says, anyway. The two met as high school sophomores in biology class, and it was immediately apparent to Marsalis that this boy was different. "I went home to my house and told my dad, 'I'm sitting next to a bad motherfucker,' " he says. "He's been a genius since he was 16." But Kinch is also afflicted with the genius curse: He has a really hard time expressing himself. Strolling past row after row, he says, "I can't make up a menu, but if I hold, say, an eggplant, then I create a menu because there are so many parts—the fruit, the leaves, the roots...," and he trails of.

The article goes on and on, and all of it is true. Kinch is some sort of genius with a knife. Best of all, he's a Santa Cruz fan. "Keep Santa Cruz Weird," says the dek on his Twitter profile. (Also, that's his Twitter image, a slab of foie gras sandwiched between black truffle. Which, yeah, fittingly weird.)

GQ also named Flour + Water the second best restaurant in the U.S.

[via Inside Scoop]