Because it is the holiday season (and also because the city is broke), Mayor Ed Lee and City Treasurer Jose Cisneros have announced, a site where the city will gladly accept your seasonal donations to help save city programs that are in danger of disappearing due to budget cuts.

Since you've no doubt been confused and conflicted about where to spend the money you've been hoarding all year long, the site makes it easy for all the post-Marley Scrooges in town to donate to various city programs including the Neighborhood Beautification Fund, the Mayor's Fund for the Homeless, Rec & Parks and others. Should The Big One ever hit (knock on wood), the city plans to use the website to accept donations from around the world and link to other charitable aid organizations. Down the road, there are plans to allow donations via text messages and smartphone apps.

The inspiration for the site was simple, Cisneros explained. The Treasurer received a check from charitable resident, who must be much less cynical than most of us, along with a note explaining, "he knew the city was short on funds, and he wanted to help."