A brawl outside of a Valencia street liquor store Saturday afternoon ended inside of Four Barrel Coffee after one employee — coffee roaster working in the back room — denied two thugs an easy exit out the back. The two suspects, a man and a woman, were seen attacking a victim on the ground at 15th Street and Valencia. Two more suspects arrived just before the cops showed up, which is when the scuffle moved up Valencia Street and the first two suspects attempted to dip in to Four Barrel to escape.

As Four Barrel employee and coffee roaster on duty Tal Mor told Mission Local:

the suspects ran to the back room where he was roasting coffee beans and asked if they could get out. When Mor denied them an exit, they turned around and tried to blend in among the 80 or so customers.

According to one bystander, eight cops stormed in, guns drawn and promptly handcuffed the suspects.

Because it's nigh-impossible to remove a San Franciscan's attention from a cup of delicately crafted coffee, "[m]any customers had no idea what was going on and, according to Mor, it was business as usual after the arrests."

SFPD says the incident was a possible robbery. One shot was fired when the victim tried to defend himself from the male suspect, but no one was injured.

Update: Nothing terribly exciting, but Mission Mission has some photos from the scene.