Around 3:20 p.m. Sunday afternoon BART closed the 24th Street Mission Station after a man reportedly laid down on the tracks in front of an SFO-bound train. Trains continued to run, but the 24th Street station was closed for nearly two hours as the agency rerouted trains to a single track around the scene of the incident.

One passenger on the train described the event to Mission Local:

[Passenger Mike] Meenan said the train driver announced an emergency evacuation over the loudspeaker. Meenan also noted that the conductor sounded shaken and out of breath when he made the announcement.

Then Meenan, who was sitting toward the front of the train, overheard the conductor ask: “Sir, are you under there?”

BART Spokesman Luna Salavar confirmed to the Examiner that witness on the train platform "did say the person got on the tracks voluntarily."