Yesterday afternoon on the campus of UC Davis, 10 students were arrested in a particularly aggressive confrontation between an Occupy protest group and UC Davis police. After some protesters refused to remove their tents from where they had made their camp on the quad, police used pepper spray at point-blank range to disperse a small group of linked-arm protesters. Naturally, the whole incident was recorded. The video (embedded below) is pretty brutal, especially in the casual way the offending officer decides to pepper sprays a kid in the face. Or as Mother Jones' Kevin Drum puts it: "It's not Kent State or anything, but it's sure as hell an outrageous overreaction."

The photo above has sparked a fair share of Twitter outrage and the video below already has well over 100,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Update: UC Davis chancellor's eerily silent walk of shame to her car following the incident.