On Friday, November 18, the public and the fine folks at LEGO will help construct a 12-foot tall by 10-foot wide Santa Yoda made out of lego bricks, right next to the ice skating rink in Union Square. It promises to be one of the greatest lego creations of all time. (Ha, kidding! The greatest ones, of course, are made with space legos, the raddest blocks in the history of toys. But still, this Santa Yoda statue will be a sight to behold.)

The Lucasian building will help support the local Bay Area Boys & Girls Club. Be sure to drop by to check it out, but do it soon. Yoda will start to leave Union Square Sunday night and will be gone by Monday.

Santa Yoda get starts on Friday, November 18th to Sunday, November 20th (or until completed) at Union Square.