Ferry Building property manager Jane Connors wrote two letters to City Hall detailing supposed crimes perpetrated by some thoughtless Occupy SF members. An increase in shoplifting, break-ins and, ugh, reports of abandoned human feces are just a few complaints Connors has lodged against the local splinter protest group. The Occupy SF encampment, situated in Justin Herman Plaza, sits just across the street from the noted purveyor of fine artisan foods at the Embarcadero, providing a stark contrast between the haves and the (alleged) have-nots.

According to The Examiner, some occupiers have made a habit out of taking "sponge baths" inside the Ferry Building's bathrooms, adding: "eight men were allegedly escorted out of the building after they attempted to use the bathrooms wearing nothing but their boxer shorts."

In one letter sent to the city, Connors claims that "Occupy SF members were overheard boasting about how much they were stealing from farmers and shops." And that, during a two-week period,"11 incidents were reported involving cellphones stolen from shop counters."

There have also been complaints of stolen laptops. (To play devil's hippie advocate, who hasn't had something stolen form them while entranced over, say, the white truffles at Far West Fungi or the shrimp cake soba salad from DELICA rf1? It's easy to lose your surroundings due to the seasonal bounty at the Ferry Building.)

Connors goes on to say that "the protest movement’s “unsavory aspect” has reduced foot traffic at the marketplace, leading to a decrease in revenue."

Also, the Ferry Building's cost for "toilet paper and paper towel costs have doubled." As your SFist editor can graphically point out, we witnessed a young lady taking a shit on Embarcadero just outside the camps a couple of weekends ago. (The horrifying sight almost ruined our appetite for the jar of Fatted Calf's tonno di maiale we had in our greedy hands.)

One can only imagine what's happening at nearby Hotel Vitale who have temping, sparkling restrooms located on the lobby level. SFist talked to someone at Vitale who, when asked if Occupy SF ilk were stinking up the lobby or bathrooms, told us: "No, not... well, not really."