Despite every daily paper calling this Mayor's race for interim Mayor Ed Lee, John Avalos continues to stick it to the man, as it were. Although Lee promised to call every one of his opponents personally, Avalos shot first, leaving the mayor a message acknowledging yesterday's numbers but also showing his determination to wait for the more than 30,000 outstanding mail-in and provisional ballots to be counted.

As the Candidate for the 99% put it in a tweet:

#sfmayor called @mayoredlee at 5:53 left msg acknowledged his lead and told him I want wait til the 31K votes are counted b4 any concessionThu Nov 10 06:14:11 via Twitter for iPhone

Even though it's still statistically possible for the progressive candidate to pull in an upset, about 28,000 of those 31,000 (or 32,000 depending on the source) outstanding votes will need to go Avalos' way after running them through the ranked-choice system. Still, it's nice to see Avalos sticking it out when the rest of the pack is congratulating Lee and emailing out their concession letters. Backing down after putting up a surprisingly strong fight would just be a disappointment. We guess.

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