Over at the Chronicle, City Insider finally managed to get a word in with Willie Brown and Rose Pak at last night's gala. And the pair had some harsh words for the members of the fourth estate. Quoth Da Mayor (who, remember, considers himself to be a reporter): “You newspaper people miss everything! [Lee is] the people’s choice. He always was the people’s choice.” Rose, on the other hand, offered her own analysis of the first round results:

"The voters made it clear that they don’t respect people who just throw mud," Rose told the Chronicle, before going on to explain, "[Lee] was sad that the Chinatown Community Development Center was brought into it, that Willie Brown was called a crook, that I was called a crook. I was discouraged. I didn’t know my middle name was power broker. Who did I broker for?"

There you have it. Hopefully, we can expect more of these quips as the media grows increasingly disillusioned with the Brown/Pak presence in City Hall. In the meantime, Rose was also spotted sipping cranberry juice, so it's entirely possible she was just crabby for some reason.