Willie reveals a lot of hidden truths about politicians in this week's Willie's World column, starting with the point that Oakland Mayor Jean Quan needs to realize she's no longer a street activist. As we've seen, Quan's not really doing that anymore either, so maybe Willie meant to imply that she she just stop trying to do anything at this point. His advice for Quan: "Find some American Indians and get a rain dance going." Sure enough, it rained yesterday - just one day after Oakland's general strike, so there's another thing we can hold Willie accountable for. The Oakland protesters still remain, however.

In other political secrets, Willie reveals Kamala Harris' true age: 47 years old, by his calculations (and he should know). Also, if you want to say happy birthday to a politician, apparently you have to spell it: "M-O-N-E-Y". In that way, politicians are kind of like 16-year-olds: they promise to do exactly what you asked them to, but once they get your cash they go out and blow it all on pixie stix and Bartles & James or whatever.

Speaking of boozy politicians: Willie spotted Governor Brown hitting the sauce at Tosca for "Blue Vodka Night". [Note: we're pretty sure he means the Blue Angel Vodka launch party, which sounds like a really terrible club night, but since it was hosted at Tosca we'll give it the benefit of the doubt here.] The Governor, tieless and wifeless for the evening, was seen carted off by appellate Judge Tony Kline after celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Martini with a few too many of them.

Speaking before a group of "up-and-coming Republican and Democratic hopefuls" in Sacramento last week, Willie revealed some clues about his possible mental illness. As he told the group, "running for public office nowadays is accepting that you have succumbed to a terminal illness."

In a highly scientific showdown between two upscale fried chicken dishes in the city, Willie Brown decides the breaded bird at Wayfare Tavern has fallen out of his favor. That's OK though, because judging by the number of times he's mentioned it since it opened (probably half a dozen mentions, by our estimate) Hayes Valley's Boxing Room has been treating him well. So that will be his new touchstone for San Francisco Fried Chicken.

Finally, some product placement we haven't heard from Da Mayor in awhile: the "2007 Duckhorn Merlot 2007" [sic], which he has mentioned more than a few times in his food column, is "a great deal" for $90 at the House of Prime Rib.

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