Here's a nice bit of coffee-and-a-paper reading for your Sunday: over on Salon, the site's co-founder Gary Kamiya has penned a nice takedown of the paper of the Chronicle's lackluster Occupy SF coverage. As Kamiya writes (and as you might have noticed), the city's paper of record is, "so obsessed with the Occupy San Francisco movement's illegal encampment, its effects on local businesses and the unruliness of some of its members that they have failed to grasp its historic significance."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, at the center of the paper's problematic ambivalence is the Chronicle's premier authority on fecal matter in the city: C.W. Nevius, whose columns last week went from calling the encampment on Justin Herman Plaza a sanitation nightmare that needed to be cleared immediately, to claiming those reports were exaggerated, in the wake of the Occupy Oakland incident.

The bottom line? "[T]he prissy preachiness of the Chronicle’s punditry, in the guise of 'civic concern,' has led them to end up taking the Chamber of Commerce’s side on a crucial issue that goes to the heart of San Francisco’s identity."

Grab a nice cup of coffee and read the whole thing here.