Celebrity provocateur, filmmaker, and professional liberal Michael Moore is paying a visit to the impassioned kids at Occupy Oakland today, as he mentioned on his blog yesterday. His exact words, in a P.S. in a post titled "Life Among the 1%," were, "I will go to Oakland tomorrow afternoon to stand with Occupy Oakland against the out-of-control police." This should provide yet another reason for rallying support for the East Bay encampment that drew national headlines all week following Tuesday night's out of control police action against demonstrators.

As you know by now, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan's mayorship is being called into question left and right, and she's definitely struggling now against a torrent of bad publicity for both the city and herself. She was booed offstage yesterday when she tried to address protesters, and the encampment she tried to clear out of Frank Ogawa Plaza earlier this week has moved right back in.

We look forward to Quan trying to face off with Moore, if that should happen, which it probably won't.