There's certainly no shortage of frightful Halloween events going on this weekend for adults and kids alike. Here are a few choice happenings.

Midnites for Maniacs' Halloween Spooktacular: Midnites for Maniacs presents an epic line-up of movies this weekend at the Roxie, including a screening of the titillating vampire flick, The Hunger happening tonight -- featuring Ann Magnuson in person, and a 20th Anniversary celebration of Twin Peaks. The event's run-time is conveniently 666 minutes, we might add.

Trannyshack Halloween: Heklina and Peaches Christ are back on Saturday night for their 5th annual holiday extravaganza, featuring a special surprise celebrity guest star -- "a heavy metal drummer once married to a bona-fide 'faux queen'", who's set to judge the event's costume contest, along with a gigantic horror-themed drag show, and ghoulish dancing "with terrifying results in a safe space."

Waldo Pub Crawl: Tomorrow's pub crawl has to be the most brilliant one yet. Get lost in the crowd in a fresh Waldo-esque red-and-white striped shirt and beanie, or stand out by adding your own Halloween twist, as you stop for drinks along Sutter Street.

Journey to the End of the Night: Meet up at at Rincon Park, near Folsom Street and the Embarcadero, (near the Cupid's Span bow and arrow sculpture), Justin Herman Plaza on Saturday night for Journey to the End of the Night's third Halloween edition, "an epic chase through a series of artist-created checkpoints scattered across San Francisco, which last year attracted 1,300 players." This year's event features a new character, Chaser Killer, who's "designed to terrify chasers as they pursue their targeted players across the haunted cityscape."

Vaudeville Halloween - Dead Madames Ball: This old-timey Halloween extravaganza will feature "reality defying acts" of contortionists, knife throwers, sultry belly dancers, sexy burlesque performers and human oddities, along with songs, sketches and recitations by the DJ Risk One. Carnival fare such as cotton candy, salt-water taffy, and diabolical bartender created concoctions will be served.

Teatro Zin Zombie: For those planning ahead to Monday -- Teatro ZinZanni presents "a nostalgic journey of music, cirque and cabaret," starring blues phenomenon Duffy Bishop and Bay Area comedic legend Geoff Hoyle. Also featuring a costume parade, bloody Halloween cocktails, ghoulish face painting, and a five-course gourmet meal.

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