In a failed attempt to apologize to Occupy Oakland protesters for the city's response to Tuesday night's melee, Mayor Jean Quan was booed from the public comment portion of the camp's General Assembl last night. Protesters screamed "go home" and "fuck you" as the mayor tried to make amends. She was more or less "chased back into City Hall."

According to SF Examiner, "Quan apologized in her statement for writing the address rather than speaking directly to the crowd as had been expected. She said that she had planned to speak at the 'Speak Out' segment of tonight's Occupy Oakland assembly, but it was canceled."

Quan's statement to protesters, as noted in the Oakland Tribune, said that the mayor was "deeply saddened" by Tuesday night's violent response on a group of relatively peaceful protesters."When there's violence, there are no winners - it polarizes us and opens old wounds," she added.

However, Quan asked for Occupy Oakland ilk to refrain from sleeping overnight at Frank Ogawa Plaza; maintaining safe and healthy conditions; and to have direct communication between City Hall and Occupy Oakland.

Television host Keith Olbermann, among others, has called for Quan's resignation.

Occupy Oakland have returned to Frank Owaga Plaza. Oakland Local notes: "As of about 4:15 p.m. Thursday, eight tents had re-sprouted in Frank Ogawa plaza." Protesters spent most of the night at the plaza, directly disobeying the mayor's request.

Oh, and Oscar-winner Michael Moore also appeared at last night's reoccupation.