We receive tons--tons!--of reader fan mail. We also receive the occasional piece of hate mail. It comes with the territory of having your name out there and writing for a wildly successful site like SFist. Anyway, this most recent piece of fist-shaking correspondence has us reeling. And confused. But mostly aghast. This person, an elderly vice president and general manager of sales and marketing somewhere in downtown San Francisco (whose name we redact for his own safety), responds this photo in SFist's most recent 7 Reasons to Love SF. His reaction is depressing. But mostly just wrong. (For what it's worth, we find the women of the Bay Area a more attractive than we find the men. And we adore / frequently have sexual relations with the men of San Francisco.)

Brock, do you really feel the girls/ladies in San Francisco are attractive? Are you out of your mind? I am a divorced 63 year old heterosexual male who has lived in the city of San Francisco for about 20 years. I have also lived in St.Louis, Chicago and LosAngeles. I have also traveled to many cities on business trips the last 30 years.
I must tell you that S.F. has most fat, ugly and unattractive women in any city I have ever been in. It's embarrassing! It's a joke!! I have many friends and business associates come to S.F. and ask me what's the deal with so many unattractive women. Did all the parents in the U.S.A. send their ugly daughters to S.F.?
What's your problem?? Wake up!!

[name redacted]

Sweet Jesus.

He also CC'd two of his bros on the email. Nice. Anyway, women of San Francisco, we had no idea what you had to put up with... until now. We apologize on behalf of all mankind.