Alice Waters inspires a lot of things: White House veggie gardens, edible schoolyards, general mirth, etc. — but this line of Chez Panisse-inspired fashion that popped up in the Chronicle's Sunday Style section is a new leaf on Waters' ever-growing vine of influence. After spending a summer interning with Chez Panisse's vegetables, Berkeley-based designer Cari Borja created runway-ready fashions like a "Zucchini-textured, asparagus hem halter gown" (worn with "squash-blossom cropped jacket", obviously) and a "plum tart velour hoodie". [InsideScoop] [Chron]

Yerba Buena Lane's Bluestem Brasserie, has been winning some decent praise since opening a couple months back, but perhaps the most telling review to date comes to us courtesy of San Francisco Magazine's Josh Sens. According to Sens, the slick urban brasserie, "still calls to mind the former mayor [Newsom] himself: handsome, outsize, a shade corporate." After the Sens review, Michael Bauer's "nice, but inconsistent" comment actually makes even more sense. [SFMag] via [GrubSF]

In the rumor department, John's Ocean Beach Café might be getting the boot from the Sloat Boulevard location the beloved diner has called home for the passed 31 years. Grubstreet reports there are plans to demolish part of the block to make way for a condo development with a 23,000 square-foot "open-air market", but everything is still up in the air right now. [GrubSF]

Union Square is getting Claudine, a combination restaurant, crudo bar, wine bar and gift shop for "local cookbooks, food products, and other culinary doodads", from Gitane owner Frank LeClerck. It also has lime green wallpaper. [EaterSF]

In Dolores Park the Chaac Mool taco truck that raised a stink earlier in the year could finally be headed for the curb. Where it will continue to do business exactly as it has been, but with (hopefully) less controversy. [SFEx]

In hamburger news: The long-awaited Market Street location of Pearl's Deluxe Burgers finally opens tomorrow, to the delight of meat-eating Warfield goers and mid-Market cleaner-uppers everywhere. Meanwhile, the Marina location of Super Duper Burger was delayed a bit, but should be officially opening the doors on Chestnut Street today. [GrubSF] [SFist] [EaterSF]