The city of Oakland sent billowy plumes of searing tear gas into the eyes and determination of Occupy Oakland protesters tonight. Alas, when the gas settles by late evening, conversation will turn to a police vs. protesters debate. Which will be unfortunate, and misguided. The city of Oakland ordered the police to remove the protesters just like they did Tuesday morning. Also, as you can see, pictured here, a woman in a wheelchair tries to scurry away from the fumes after getting sprayed with the prickly gas. As did scores of others.

In summary, here's what went down: At around 7:30 p.m. or so tonight, police deployed canisters of tear gas at 14th and Broadway into a heated gaggle of protesters. With superfluous drama, Associated Press notes:

After scattering when police set off tear gas, protesters are marching again, heading down Broadway t on their way back to City Hall. Police are not following the crowd, but continue to stand sentry at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza ... Police continue threats as crowd grows again on Broadway Police are continuing to threaten to use chemical agents against the crowd that is refusing to disperse on Broadway.

Plucked from Bay Citizen, who are covering the dustup as well as loads of other outlets, here's footage of protesters and cops meeting before the gassing. A reported skirmish between the two groups goes down thusly:

Here's dramatic footage of OPD launching flashbangs at the crowds:

Also, Ericru510 captured this intense footage during the tear gas deployment. "
I'm worried... there are fucking kids in that crowd, says on bystander who escaped the poisonous fog. Behold:

According to SF Appeal, however, "Police said that as of 8 p.m., no injuries had been reported."