Last night around 12:30 a.m, a GMC van reportedly traveling at 80 miles per hour through SOMA T-boned a Dodge Charger carrying six unbuckled passengers at the intersection of Tenth and Howard. CBS5 reports the van allegedly ran a red light before slamming in to the Dodge. Police suspect both drivers were under the influence at the time and a "large quantity of cocaine" was found in the van, which may have also been involved in an earlier hit-and-run incident less than ten minutes earlier in SFPD's Northern District.

According to an SFPD source, the Dodge, "got hit broadside, spun around and the rear went into the church on the southwest corner” of the intersection. Four girls were riding in the back seat, none of them wearing seat belts, and "at least one passenger was left paralyzed from the neck down." The driver of the van was a 20-year-old male with no license or ID and unconfirmed citizenship status. He's being charged with 7 counts of felony DUI.

Police were unable to draw an immediate connection between the van and the hit-and-run incident due to the severe damage to the van.

CBS5's raw video of the scene: