Mayor Ed Lee and SF Neighbor Alliance, the bogus grassroots effort that pooped out the cringe-worthy Run, Ed, Run campaign, are under fire this week after witnesses revealed to The Chronicle that they had observed workers at a Chinatown voting station on Friday filling in absentee ballots for voters. The Chronicle reports:

The station was set up by SF Neighbor Alliance, an independent expenditure committee supporting Lee that was created by people with close ties to an earlier effort to draft Lee into the race.

Video from other witnesses of the voting effort shows plastic stencils that appear to have been used to ensure voters mark a specific candidate. One witness, Leland Yee's chief of staff, said ballots were collected at the booth, a potential violation of election law.

Bay Citizen also covered the story, reporting:
As voters — mostly elderly Chinese — approached with their ballots, the workers, who wore blue “Ed Heads” T-shirts, helped them open their ballot envelopes and at times gave instructions on how to vote.

In some cases, the workers overlaid stencils — thin, transparent plastic panels with horizontal slits to help draw straight lines — on top of the ballots to guide the voters to vote. The workers put the ballots into plastic bags after they were completed.

After Bay Citizen questioned several of the workers, the situation got tense -- uh-oh-we've-been-caught tense. Behold:

Some became angry after repeated questioning and demanded that a reporter produce his press badge. And when approached by a Bay Citizen photographer, the workers quickly put ballots back into envelopes and covered up the stencils with sheets of paper.

Here's video of the alleged voting fraud in action:

Seven of the mayoral candidate called for for state and federal monitors to look over voting.

"We believe federal observers and election monitors are immediately warranted, and that further investigation by your respective offices would be well advised," the candidates wrote in a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice and to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

For his part, Lee slammed the voting shadiness as "moronic," going on to say. "They have nothing to do with my campaign."

While it would be ideal to believe that Lee's campaign had nothing to do with these shenanigans, the interim San Francisco mayor has already gone to great lengths to lie to his constituency.

According to a ($10,000!)Bay Citizen/USF Poll, Lee stands to dominate the election. "More than 31 percent of respondents said Lee was their first choice, while only 8.1 percent chose his closest rival, City Attorney Dennis Herrera."

In related news, Lee and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom will tour a "growing technology company" in San Francisco today, then later make an announcement about Mayor Lee's campaign. It goes down at 3:30 at 651 Brannan Street.