Filmed on October 19 at the Cupertino headquarters, Apple posted the entire Steve Jobs memorial on their site. It's available on Safari, so if you're using Chrome (like any rational, clear-thinking person) or Firefox, you can't view it just yet. However, if you're on a Mac, go to your "recent items" and click on the oft-ignored Safari icon to see Al Gore and Tim Cook talk about the fallen Apple visionary. You can also watch Gwyneth Platrow's husband's band perform a song in honor of Steve Jobs, among other notables moments.

During his opening remarks, CEO Cook revealed that the past two weeks had been the saddest of his life. "But I know Steve. Steve would have wanted this cloud to lift for Apple and our focus to return to the work that he loved so much," he said.

Cook also spoke about the last bit of advice Jobs gave him, which was "to never ask what [Jobs] would do, just do what's right."

It runs around 81 minutes long. Check it out.