As you know, SFist does not make a business of endorsing candidates in elections. But if we were to, theoretically, want to endorse anyone or want to encourage you, the voters, to waste a valuable spot on your confusing ranked choice voter ballot with a write-in candidate just for shits, we'd most wholly support Mat Honan. Honan has a simple platform based on a few phrases you can click through on his website a website created by Honan supporters. They include "Tax Twitter," "Ban Medjool," "Ban Straight Marriage," "Fuck You, Muni," "Let's all go surfing," and "Outlaw Chicken John."

As the Examiner reports, Honan also made a campaign promise to warn everyone of any upcoming earthquakes, for which he took some shit on Twitter yesterday. (We should note that Mat is also a senior reporter for Gizmodo, and has contributed to multiple publications around the Bay. This is his real Twitter account.)

But as Mat himself Mat's supporters note, quite rightly, "It's easy to call [him] out for the joking bullshit, but what about the other candidates and their very for-real bullshit?"

[via Examiner]