Now here's a heartwarming nugget of startup PR: a San Francisco-based advertising startup is helping to put the voice of the 99% in front of the same target market as the big banks and corporations they have been lashing out against.

The startup, called LoudSauce, is a bit like a Kickstarter for advertising campaigns. As the Atlantic explains, a campaign sets a budget limit for a media buy, donors pitch in and if the campaign budget is reached, LoudSauce proceeds to buy the ad space. In this case, that ad space is national TV time on ESPN, TNT and CNN, so it could potentially be running during your evening viewings of Sportscenter and syndicated Seinfeld episodes.

Occupy Wall Street's campaign broke their modest (by TV advertising standards) $5,000 budget goal in less than a week and is currently funded with around $6,300 from 168 donors. So not only will the campaign be running against ubiquitous ads for corporate banks, but it also completely circumvented the international ad agencies that placed those clients there. Well played, 99%.

Below, the original YouTube version of video you could be seeing on TV any day now: