The interminable source of rage and frustration known as the SFMTA is taking steps this week to "improve efficiencies within the Muni system," and they're starting with several of the busiest rail lines. In response to customer feedback, Muni says it will increase the frequency of trains on the J line, to one every nine minutes at peak periods, and put only five minutes between F-line streetcars on weekdays, in order to alleviate crowding. Also, that N-line service to CalTrain and the ballpark? It's coming back.

The N began stopping at Embarcadero during a round of service cuts last year, forcing passengers to transfer in order to continue on the haltingly slow trip to King Street. Also, a couple stops are being eliminated from the 28-19th Avenue Limited line to speed it up.

An SFMTA spokesman says these changes aren't likely to impact budgets. Why, then, did they cut the N service to the ballpark in the first place, we ask? Oh, we should know better than to ask rational questions. New SFMTA chief Ed Reiskin insists, "We are continually looking for opportunities to improve the Muni system," and really, we're trying to believe him.