The calm and collected bank robber with little glasses and bald head, whom the FBI had taken to calling the Mr. Magoo Bandit (actually named Scott James Larson, age 43), calmly turned himself in to authorities in San Diego yesterday. We suppose he figured it was just a matter of time before he got nabbed, since he never disguised himself and his photo was now circulating around the web and in print. In total, he robbed 12 banks without getting caught, in Northern and Southern California (and one in Henderson, NV). So why didn't he just high-tail it to Belize or something?

It turns out his undisclosed most recent robbery was at the Chase Bank on King Street in San Francisco, and prior to that he struck a Chase Bank on McLellan Drive in South San Francisco on Sept. 17. His motives are not yet known, and in his initial interview he only apparently confessed to a Sept. 7 robbery in San Diego.