A rather sly and elusive bank robber, whom the FBI has dubbed the Mr. Magoo Bandit, has so far successfully robbed twelve banks throughout Northern and Southern California, the most recent being a bank in Thousand Oaks on October 8. Four days earlier, on October 4, he robbed a bank at an undisclosed location in the Bay Area; previously he had also hit a Chase Bank in South San Francisco on September 17, and a U.S. Bank in Novato on August 29. The dude, a bald guy in his forties with Mr. Magoo-like glasses, makes no attempt to disguise himself, and just wanders up to a teller and calmly hands her a note. In one instance, he apparently thanked the teller for the cash he'd demanded, and calmly walked out.

Kind of awesome right? Authorities believe that because of the amount of traveling up and down the state that the robber has been doing, he may be recognized by motel/hotel owners or gas station attendants. As Bay City News reports, he's also been linked to six bank robberies in San Diego and one in Camarillo.

Is it just us or have there been a lot of bank heists lately?