In a surprise twist, Herman Cain leads other GOPs in a recently published Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. Cain, a former Godfather's Pizza CEO, scored 4 points ahead of deplorable frontrunner candidate Mitt Romney. Part of Cain's surge in popularity could be due to his spectacular(ly stupid) "999" tax plan.

CBS reports, "With the higher profile, Cain is facing more scrutiny, specifically over his 9-9-9 tax plan which would scrap the entire U.S. tax code and replace it with a simpler, more regressive 9 percent income tax, 9 percent corporate tax and 9 percent sales tax."

Cain stirred up a skosh of controversy recently after claiming that racism in this country doesn't hold "anybody back in a big way." On a recent appearance on The Joy Behar Show, noted crooner Harry Belafonte slammed Herman as a "a bad apple" and a "false negro."