Next Thursday, October 20th, the annual Great California ShakeOut earthquake drill, reportedly the third largest in history, will take place at 10:20 a.m., once again reminding us to continue working on our preparedness. Do you have that emergency preparedness kit prepared? (For the hopelessly lazy busy, may we suggest a swanky Vintage-Style kit?) Do you know what Drop, Cover, and Hold On is? And most importantly, is your furniture secured?

You hear stories from past earthquakes, such as the people who luckily weren't in their apartments during the Loma Prieta Earthquake: There's the person who might have been decapitated by a heavy glass picture that fell from the wall over their bed. Or how about the one who would have lost his legs from a heavy dresser that fell onto the foot of his bed? (Do you have a story? Tell us in the comments!) The ShakeOut website has a very informative quiz on this matter. It turns out there's a solution for everything.

They also have some entertaining videos about what happens when you're "totally unprepared," including the below video.

According the ShakeOut's website, 1,214,486 Bay Area participants have signed up so far and nearly 8 million state-wide. Sign up your family, business, or school here.