Fast on the heels of the statewide federal crackdown on the medical marijuana industry, the Orange County Register finds not one but TWO reasons to remain up-in-arms over the rampant abuses of the illegal drug. First off, some innocent senior citizens, all in their 70s and 80s, were trying to enjoy a nice funeral in Huntington Beach and each partook of some brownies being passed around the room. The brownies were pot brownies, in tribute to the deceased, who had been an avid medical marijuana user, however the funeral guests claimed not to have known the brownies were laced (wtvr).

Three of them had to be hospitalized for dizziness and nausea, not unlike those Union City teens last year who just got way too high from the baked goods and couldn't deal.

The OC paper, however, is quick to link the case of the stumbling seniors to a recent armed robbery of a pair of medical marijuana dealers in Huntington Beach, with the police noting that "Robberies and burglaries of 'medical' marijuana dispensaries and delivery services are becoming a more common problem in communities due to high profit margins of selling marijuana and all the transactions being conducted in cash." This is clearly what the federal prosecutors meant when they mentioned that the crackdown down south would focus on "communities that have expressed vocal opposition to dispensaries."

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