After Bevan Dufty's campaign won our hearts and minds with last week's magical Muni ad, the former D8 supervisor is tugging at our heartstrings again with a new campaign video addressing the city's mass exodus of parents and families. Since we all loved the appearance Dufty's daughter Sidney the first time around, Dufty has enlisted a small army of her classmates to represent the scores of kids that have bailed on the city's public school system. Observe as this pattern of "uneven schools and uncertainty about school assignments" leads to a depressing, Cormac McCarthy-esque ending:

That shot on the Golden Gate Bridge should definitely win some sort of Campaign Ad-Emmy.

Meanwhile: Since we've already got the TV on and we're talking about "getting it done", we'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the Ed Lee camp has also been hard at work on a new mud-free campaign ad. In his lastest Golden Globe-worthy performance, the temporary mayor spent roughly $15 dollars (our estimate) to fly over the city using Google Earth and illuminate the 17-point jobs plan he released last week. In order to (ahem) get it done, Lee does his best Vanna White (read: not a very good Vanna White) before parroting buzzwords like "Twitter", "Mid-Market Revitalization", "innovation corridor", and a "job squad to cut red tape":

Nice try, Mr. Mayor. Jobs are great and all, but won't you think of the children?

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