Tomorrow night the tireless local music promoters at NoisePop and musically inclined kitchen staff from graffEats are teaming up again to combine classy foodie-ism with playful music appreciation. The theme this time: next weekend's Treasure Island Music Festival — meaning all the dishes on the menu tomorrow night dinner are a subtle nod to the artists at the festival. Because this is a rock 'n roll-style event, everything can be "shot, sucked or eaten with your fingers." Naturally. Observe the tentative menu/lineup:

  • Death Cab for Cutie: Tomato and peach "Caprese", sweet balsamic, aged cheddar, smokey almond pesto
  • Flying Lotus: Angel-spiced halibut, carmelized onion and fennel, black olive oil
  • Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks: Beer-fried game hen & yeast-risen waffle, mustard, radish
  • Death From Above 1979: Berber spiced ribeye, grilled paneer, baby eggplant and minted yogurt
  • Empire of the Sun: "Head on a stick"...golden peaches-and-cream push pop, star anise salt and gold, of course
  • Aloe Blacc: Foie gras bon bon (!), dark chocolate, plum, sea salt

Weird, insufflating foie gras must be bad for you or something. Anyway, we would have picked a grilled chicken heart on a stick for Death From Above 1979, but that's just us. The whole thing pops up at San Franpsycho's North Beach shop on Grant Street tomorrow evening and tickets are still available. Just be careful while you nosh and mosh.